Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Individual Options

I have started a new project - My Individual Options , it's the last one in my second year but I have chose what I want to do. It's so nice to have so much freedom and decide which route I want to go down for my future career.

I've set myself a brief to produce digitally printed wallpaper, I have another work placement coming up so I will set my self less work than I would usually set. I would like to include a silk screen on top of my digital print, it just depends on how much time I have to play with.

My Theme:
I wanted a well thought out concept, I want people to look at my design and then be told what it means, I love when artists have hidden meanings behind their work and you have to read about its about to find out! 

I have been studying Dreams; what they mean and why we dream of certain object. I have researched in books all through my second year, I find it so interested as I always dream strange dreams and can't wait to tell everyone when I wake up! 

I will be focusing on a successful dream; dreaming of being successful in business and how your mind is working. I researched colours to suit my success theme and I've research all the objects you would dream of if you came across a dream like that! 

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