Thursday, 23 January 2014

Researching for my FMP!

This week I have been working very hard travelling to find research for my Final Major Project!

I have been to Edinburgh

In Edinburgh I visited;

Edinburgh Zoo was amazing, it has inspired me to include animals into my final collection rather than just insects and birds.

I have been to London

In London I visited;
The Natural History Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Kew Gardens

I really enjoyed this researching around London, I found so much inspiration and now have many imagery and photographs to draw from and use!

All Copyright
Danielle Stacey Wilson

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Final major project

Today I was the last one in the studio at university as I was making my moodboard for my final major project. 

The theme of my FMP is an insight into the tropical rainforest and the concept is an science inspired theme based on Charles Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest, the life cycle and the evolution process of natural selection.

I will be focusing on contrasts between the bright natural colours within a tropical habitat against the camouflaged colours of others in the same living space. Scale will play a big part in this project as it will help me to emphasise the competition between the plants and animals -this is due to sexual selection, as only the best creatures that adapt to their living habitat will be selected and reproduce. Due to this happening so much Darwin's theory was that only the best of that species characteristics were used, making their species slowly change and improve over time. 

All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson