Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Minor Project

I have completed and handed in my Level 6 Minor Project.
My 6 final designs consist of hand painted and screen printed 52 x 53cm repeats.

All Copright Danielle Stacey Wilson

Monday, 2 December 2013

Graham and Brown

I have just handed in my dissertation and this video really helped me to research into my chosen topic, which was the history of Graham and Brown, the history of their design and manufacturing process and today design and manufacturing process. 

Thank you to Nina Taylor for sending me this video and other information to help me complete my dissertation!

Check out Nina's blog;

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013

New York

My brand new photography camera was delivered yesterday!
Best present ever for New York! 49 days and counting !

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Individual options.

My mood board!

The purples, greens, gold and pink represent success, business, successful thinking, hard work and they also work really well together.

All my selected imagery represent success in business and the mind.

My Individual Options

I have started a new project - My Individual Options , it's the last one in my second year but I have chose what I want to do. It's so nice to have so much freedom and decide which route I want to go down for my future career.

I've set myself a brief to produce digitally printed wallpaper, I have another work placement coming up so I will set my self less work than I would usually set. I would like to include a silk screen on top of my digital print, it just depends on how much time I have to play with.

My Theme:
I wanted a well thought out concept, I want people to look at my design and then be told what it means, I love when artists have hidden meanings behind their work and you have to read about its about to find out! 

I have been studying Dreams; what they mean and why we dream of certain object. I have researched in books all through my second year, I find it so interested as I always dream strange dreams and can't wait to tell everyone when I wake up! 

I will be focusing on a successful dream; dreaming of being successful in business and how your mind is working. I researched colours to suit my success theme and I've research all the objects you would dream of if you came across a dream like that! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My new photography camera has been ordered !

I cant wait to take some professional snaps of my work and obviously ill get ALOT of use out of it in New York!

51 days until New York!

Surface Design for Gift;

My second final design board for gift.

Which I also plan to take to New York in May!

I think this design board is different, I really like the cameras, i think they look very illustrative - which is a first for me!

i learnt so much through this project, I have increased my CAD based knowledge and have been introduced to new CAD programmes.

All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

Surface Design for Gift;

My first final design board for gift.

Which I plan to take to New York in May!

I am really happy with this design board, I think it really shows my theme - its very feminine, decorative and the colours are pastels with a hint of bold to balance out the shades.

All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

Surface Design for Gift;

a sneak peak of some drawing in my sketchbook.

All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

Surface Design for Gift;

a sneak peak of some drawing in my sketchbook.

All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

Surface Design for Gift!

These are my two mood-boards for my gift project, its very feminine!
I have used Hallmarks pastel colours trend and included my own idea of  objects that I feel are feminine and decorative!

Word of inspiration;
lace. feathers. balloons. floral.  pastels. pink. blue. yellow. birds. cupcakes. bird cages. vintage. blossom. text.

Surface Design for Gift;

I have just finished a live project for Hallmark.

I haven't posted any of my Surface Design for Gift project, as I have been so busy but I will post them now to update you on my progress :)

Graham and Brown Headquarters!

#coolbrands #grahamandbrown

Graham and Brown.

Flutterby by Julien MacDonald is one of my favourite Graham and Brown wallpaper designs.

I took this photograph on my first day when I was waiting in reception.

Check out
for more of their commercial designs!

Graham and Brown

Graham and Brown

Working at Graham and Brown was such an amazing experience, I met so many lovely people and learnt so much from each and every one of them.
Over my two week placement I was set two live design briefs and I was honoured to shadow the Head Wallpaper Stylist - Nina Taylor. 
It was amazing to watch how much hard work Nina puts into the company, how enthusiastic she is about design and I really enjoyed   helping to prepare all of the trends.

I was taken on a factory tour, where I was shown the design process- from start to finish, which I got to take some amazing photographs of!

 Keep posted for some photographs at Graham and Brown! :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Graham and Brown Work placement

Check out Graham and Brown's blog that I am featured in after completing a two week work experience placement with them. I will write about my experiences soon!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Indigo Paris.

I said goodbye to my four final garment shapes today, as they are off to The trade show Indigo in Paris!
All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

#indigo #fashion #textiles #surface design #garmentshapss

A zoomed in sneak preview of my 4th top. I have added tiny little knots and seed stitch to my photography of orchids
All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson

My bird from my drawing sheet has transfer through stitch beautifully, I'm so happy with this top!
All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson

Sneak preview of top number 2

This bird took days to transfer through stitch but I am so proud of my final design!
All copyright to Danielle Stacey Wilson

A sneak preview of my first final

My first bird all embroidered onto my garment shape, I really enjoyed transferring my drawing through stitch.
All copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson

My little bird drawings, didn't take me very long but I love them, definitely going to use some of them for my final garment shapes! All copyright to Danielle Stacey Wilson