Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Part of my new drawing sheet, really proud of these drawings!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012


I just thought I would tell everyone I've been Christmas shopping in York and Hull this week. I've also been to a 5 course meal of puddings, I'm back to grafting now though!
Mixing dyes into jars and feeding them to the flowers. Nothing's like abit of creativity

Monday, 19 November 2012

Playing with paints in my sketchbook, messy but fun!
Collecting flowers in washed out Starbucks takeaway cups haha!
My mood board for fashion. I love the bright colours and the botanic theme. I have left the background white as I feel it increases the brightness my images

Surface Design for Fashion

My new project is Surface Design for Fashion. I have chosen a predicted trend and slightly mixed it with another. The work required is to design 4 garment shapes, I plan to produce more.
Let the hard work begin!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Trend Bible

Unfortunately I could not post during my first project in second year. I took part in a confidential project for furnishing fabrics with Trend Bible. I'm so proud that my work got picked to be their Autumn/Winter 13/14 book. This has been my favourite project, from start to finish and I would love to do another project like this for the same company, such an honour to work with them!
The design process of my completed furnishing length.

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Flat colour with pencil detail - drawing.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson
My drawing for my final design, all coloured pencil with a flat colour background.

Copyright Danielle Stacey wilson
My favourite final again, hand embroidery leaves, so much detail!
This is my favourite final, I'm so proud of this design! It's all hand embroidery, it took ages to produce this but I'm really happy with it!

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson
So much detail, contrasts of colour and highlights
Another sneaky close up of one of my finals.
Hours of hand embroidery with some blood sweat and years, literally !
My olive green final, a sneaky close u of my embroidered flower
My second top design in the process of getting made. I love the background colour that I have dyed the fabric :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In the process of hand embroidering one of my fashion designs.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
Getting ready to trace out my koda trace for my baroque inspired furnishing length!

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
My full drop repeat

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
One of my drawings from the V & A.

Research in the V & A

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Introduction to surface design.

The final project in my first year is to produce three garment shape designs using floral’s for inspiration and to design a three meter length of material under the influence of a period style. I have chosen to create three top shaped designs for the first part of the project and for the second part I have chosen the Baroque period style for inspiration.

My Final Embroidery designs.

Danielle Stacey Wilson Copyright


 Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson 2012.

In the process of getting made.
I love the pink colours and the shape of the flower, it just needs more added now.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

I created this by printing with foil glue, I then  let it dry and I ironed the foils on. I then let it cool and then carefully peeled the foil off.
I love this method of printing but I think you should use foil printing subtly, as too much can look ‘tacky’ I think it should be used for highlights.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
My first procion dye print, I chose to use a darker shade this time.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson

My first go of screen printing using acids and procions.
Its a very light blue, I think its very calm and delicate.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
I couldn't find a PVC apron for in the print rooms so I made an apron using my new sewing skills.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
My screen is now exposed and ready to print with!

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.

The next part of the my assignment is to produce 6 prints. I have completed my koda trace using a china graph pencil, a koda trace pen and ink, which are each are used for different effects.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson.
 Applique on the sewing machine.
 Using bondaweb
More machine sewing
Hand satin stitch.
This is my favourite hand stitch, it takes time but it looks very effective.

Copyright Danielle Stacey Wilson 2012.

My first successful day on a sewing machine and I am learning fast!

 My second project; printed and embellished surfaces.

In this project I had to design and make four A3 embroidered pieces of fabric samples, using different techniques, with inspiration from my drawings in the ‘Visual Language’ module. I also had to produce six A3 printed designs, using different techniques with a silk screen also from my ‘Visual Language’ drawings.

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Photoshop 2

More Photoshop work.
Architecture inspiration.

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Marina inspired

These are my marina based drawing sheets, I enjoyed going out and drawing from these objects.

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This is my first ever Photoshop/CAD drawing. I really enjoy taking my time and including all the tiny bits of detail, I find it very relaxing!

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My favourite drawing sheet

This is my favourite drawing sheet, I have learnt alot of new techniques producing these drawings. 
Flat colour, colour pencils, inks, bleach, water colour, fine liner

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